Introducing a Revolutionary New Safety Product

Prior to news headlines about fires occurring around Australia due to overcharging lithium-ion batteries, John O’Callaghan, the Managing Director of Acsess Health, had recognised a vacuum in the market for a product with a unique safety feature which would automatically switch off and safeguard mobility devices among others. In response to this need, John produced an outlet that takes the worry out of charging lithium-ion batteries. The product aims to revolutionise safety standards in power outlets.

Introducing the Switch Star, an innovative new product that offers peace of mind to residents and loved ones.

What is the special feature? This unique outlet automatically switches off after 8 hours. It requires installation by a licenced electrician and nothing else. No programming or configuring, internet or apps required. Simple!

The outlet complies with Australian Standards and is available in black and/or white. Sleek and protected with a tempered glass panel, the Switch Star is fire retardant and covered by a 3-year guarantee.

As the threat of overcharging lithium-ion batteries continues to grow, insurance companies are looking ahead and are on the cusp of adding clauses to their contracts across the board, requiring safety power outlets to be installed in order for claims to be paid out.

Another of the good news features is the MCU Intelligent Smart Chipset which optimises energy consumption and prevents devices from overheating. Whether you are a village operator, in construction, a retiree or a concerned relative, the Switch Star’s innovative new technology will provide you with a preventative solution to a potentially deadly problem.

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