leading the way with a mass rollout.

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After a successful trial of the Switch Star, Aveo is leading the way via a mass rollout into their retirement village portfolio.

Overcharging lithium-ion batteries are a profound fire risk, as Tony Randello, CEO of Aveo and Retirement Living Council President, knows all too well.  After the explosion of a resident’s personal wheelchair resulted in a heart breaking death and damage to homes, Tony contacted technology pioneer John O’Callaghan from Acsess Health with an urgent mission: “We need a solution to help keep properties safe; a power point with its own built-in timer to mitigate this growing hazard in people’s homes. Make it simple and effective.”

In just 10 weeks, from collaboration to design, testing and certification, the SWITCH STAR power outlet was born. The Switch Star is easily installed by a licensed electrician who can simply replace an existing power point or install it as new. It is ready to use out of the box, no Wi-Fi requirements, no programming or software applications. Easy!

Once the Switch Star is turned on, it will turn off automatically after 8 hours. This simple and effective solution reduces overcharging incidents whilst also saving power. A revolutionary outlet, the Switch Star removes the reliance on smart charging accessories that may come with your battery powered product.



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